Laravel + grpc - Laravel 5.7 gRPC Integration

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如何在 Laravel 5.7 中使用 protoc 生成的文件?

1. Prepare your .proto file describing your services as you would normally do

2. Set as package name package app.grpc

3. Run the generation command: protoc --php_out=./  --grpc_out=./  --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=/your/path/to/grpc_php_plugin yourfile.proto

4. Now copy App/Grpc inside laravel app

5. Copy GPBMetadata folder as new folder in laravel root

6. Change composer.json file inserting GPBMetadata location in the autoload classmap section (see below)

7. Run command composer dump-autoload

8. Now you can use your generated classes in any controller, remember to add use App\Grpc\YourClassName at the top.

修改 composer.json


    "autoload": {

        "classmap": [





        "psr-4": {

            "App\\": "app/"



    "require": {

        "grpc/grpc": "^v1.3.0",

        "google/protobuf": "^v3.3.0"



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    注意 composer.json 中 gprc, 和 protobuf 的版本必须如以下:

            "grpc/grpc": "^v1.3.0",
            "google/protobuf": "^v3.3.0"